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Know around the World for its history, the Olympics and as a holiday destination Greece is a country than needs no introduction. However such fame come at the cost of forgetting whatever does not make the headlines. Everybody knows about the Greek islands but how many know that Greece is the most mountainous country of Europe and geographically one of the most diverse, with an equally rich fauna and flora. As wonderful as the beaches and blue waters are, step away from all the tourist attractions and you will find yourselvs in a universe of new discoveries.
A taste of Zagoria
One of the most impressive mountain regions of Greece, Zagorochoria is a collection of 46 stone built villages scattered in an area of 1000 square kilometers.
Misious Bridge
Built in 1748, financed by Alexis Misiou is a fine example of a double arched stone built bridge of the time
Great Views
Arguably one of the most,  if not the most spectacular of all the Greek islands, Corfu stands out by the color green.
Even Venice, with all its charm and beauty has not managed to remain unaffected by tourism and to a large extend has lost its authentic charm.
Vikos Gorge
One of the deepest gorge of the world, at 990 meters it a spectacular area to visit both from above and below.
Zagorochoria of Epirus
The Ionian island of Corfu
Blue and white are not only the defining colors of the Greek flag but also the colors that define its islands.