Greece, one of the most popular summer destinations of the World with its endless beaches, islands, history and laid back approach to life, has no shortage of photos, videos, travel guides, documentaries and media coverage.

As one would expect the majority of these are trying to sell something, some with highly polished presentations, others in the most casual manner possible, but only few manage to capture the magnificence of this great country and remain true to its character.

Putting theory into practice, please embark on this visual journey to experience Greece in a very different light.

For many a camera is a travel accessory, but for some, unlike my father who would load a donkey with a box camera, tripod and a dozen glass plates to walk for three months in search of a few great "post card" shots, about 100 years ago, the camera was the reason to travel.

But technology is re-shaping peoples needs and demands. Beautifully printed post cards are being replaced with "selfies" and "instagram" shots from phones, artistic coffee table books are becoming collector items and as for fine art prints, a hobby of passionate photographers only. 

Social media adds yet another interesting twist when it comes to promoting a destination or travel experience. Not only does "the word of mouth" travel at the speed of light, it does so without censorship, without borders, without language limitations. It does not matter how good an advert is, if "flying to the moon" turns out to be a boring experience, the whole world will know about it before the first lunar tourists have landed.

This simple realization, poses an interesting question regarding the future of promotional photography, especially when it comes to travel and destinations. The common practice of creating a pleasing illusion, sometimes bordering on deception, to sell a destination by creating false expectations, in the knowledge that the truth spreads slower than the adverts, is almost gone.

Even journalists are starting to be careful with reviews, as their reputation can just as easily be destroyed along with that of hotels, restaurants, resorts, in fact just about anything you care to mention. Its not difficult to understand why the opinions of a paying customers carry more credibility than that of paid adverts.

So, are the days of advertising over ? No, on the contrary, there is a greater need to promote now than ever before, firstly because there is so much on offer and secondly  to restore any false expectations created in the past.

Of course the challenge now is to discover the true values of every destination, experience, resort or businesses and present it in a pleasing but authentic manner, thus matching needs with demands. This is a win, win situation where customers are happy to received what they expected and more significantly business know where to invest their efforts. 

For those who invest in the future, the answer is simple.

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A Visual Journey of Greece