Its fascinating how the smartphone, essentially a supercharged mobile phone, managed to put a camera in everyone's hand and weather people realize it or not, photography has become an integral part of modern life. For many its just a lot of fun snapping and sharing, for others an essential part of their business and for a few, an addictive passion. Whatever are your personal reason(s), it has become as essential as driving a car.

If you happen to be on the island of Corfu, you already know its impossible to put down a camera. It is like no other Greeks island, an old city reminiscent of Venice, blue waters and lush green, which at times you could be forgiven for thinking you are somewhere in the Caribbean and of course centuries of turbulent history.

For the first time on island of Corfu, you can mix pleasure with learning photography, be it with a smartphone, or a bag full of serious equipment. If you ever felt the need, or indeed just wished your pictures looked better, you are at the right place, at the right time.

Every week there is a choice of three workshops and two mini photo safaris idealy suited to beginners and aspiring photographers alike. The spirit of these sessions is light and fun, but the knowledge you will earn, very serious.   

However, if none of these regular offering suit your wishes, you can book a private session tailored to your exact needs, be it tuition on still photography, video, post processing, printing etc., or a shooting experience of your choice, with equipment provided where necessary. Just get in touch and find out what is possible.

Whatever you reason for using a camera, taking part in any one of these experiences will reward you with better images every single day.
A selection of easy, fun, but extremely useful training course starting from the most basic skills, up to and including the first steps of creative photography. All the courses are held in the center of Corfu town and start at the 'lazy' hour of 11am, allowing plenty of time to arrive by bus from any part of the island and finish by 4pm, so there is still time to shop, swim, or just continue taking photos.

Below is a summary of each workshop, click for full details.
Essential Photographic Skills
For Anyone with a Digital Camera

Do you ever wish people paid more attention to your pictures and every now and again you made a few worth while keeping ?

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Venturing Beyond AUTOmatic
Taking Control of Your Camera

Do you own a camera that you know can do better, if only you could move past its AUTOmatic mode and start taking control of its capabilities ?

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Creating vs Capturing Images
Imagine, design, create

There are two fundamentaly different  approaches to photography, Seeing vs Imagining.  An easy entry to the world of creative photography.

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To go for a trip, even a short walk without a camera has become unthinkable in case something important, or funny, or interesting happens. In fact, many are the occasions we make a trip for the benefit of a camera. If are still looking for excuses to indulge in some photography, below you will find two more very good ones, from which you can also learn a lot of new tips and tricks.

On a more serious note, these two mini photo safaris are designed to be easy on the travelling, yet full of opertunities to push your skills beyond your normal comfort levels, knowing there is a helping eye whenever needed .
Capturing the Old Town of Kerkyra
Putting to practice New and Old skills

Few places offer so much visual diversity in such a small area. Suitable for beginners and intermediate shooters, a great opportunity to practice and learn.

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The Stunning Kanoni Peninsula
For people who love photography and a little adventure

Full of history, nature and fast moving action, will exite and challenge the skills of any photographer offering opportunities to capture some exceptional images.

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Interesting as the weekly sessions are, they will never meet the needs or wishes of everyone, which is why you can book a private session to suit your particular requirements. This could be an island wide photo safari, or a specialized training session. It can even be a photo shoot where you can be the director, photographer, model, or any combination of the above. Perhaps you would like to produce a small video clip of your holidays, or about the stunning nature of this island. There are endless ideas and possibilities, so to set off the imagination here are a few ;
On Location Train & Shoot
Are you staying in one of the many wonderful villas on Corfu island and would like to spend a day learning and photographic your family and friends ? I can be your tutor and assistant at the same time. We can start off by optimizing everyone's equipment, learning or advancing your skills and spend time setting and getting the shots you want. 

Custom Photo Safaris
Geographically Corfu may be a small island, but not so visually. Beyond the obvious attraction of the Old City with its two Fortresses, there are 200 kilometers of stunning coastline which vary from long golden beaches to rugged volcanic formation, decorated with endless tiny island, caves and three lagoons.

At the other end of the spectrum numerous mountain peaks offer breathtaking views, unreal olive forests, and places forgotten by time. As for the nature and wildlife made famous by the Durell family, needs little to no introduction.

Be it on land or sea, this is an opportunity to go on a shooting spree where every shot immortalizes its target.

Your Special Event
Of the many reason people come to this island, some are for a special occasion. A wedding, a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, family re-union, or just to be together. No special occasion can go by without it being captured, to be remembered and shared.

Typically and perhaps wisely this will often involve a professional photographer, but nowadays it will also include a lot of the friends and family who may lack the technical potential of a professional, but have an unfair advantage.
They have an emotional connection to the people involved.

Wouldn't it be great if they could take better photos ? Perhaps they can, with a few hours of training and preparation for your special event. They may not match the technical abilities of a seasoned professional, but they will surpass the emotional feel.
If you find yourself eager for some photographic adventures, but lacking in equipment, I can provide a comprehensive range of equipment, including some specialized lenses, which will satisfy a wide range of applications.

All it takes is to contact me and start a conversation.
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